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    Mount Shop Mudfest

    May 2019 TBC

    Meremere Mud Park, Drag Lane

    Entries open for any sort of vehicle/buggy/truck etc who isn't afraid of a bit of mud or lose of traction, however we'd recommend 4x4 vehicles for the Course and Obstacles. Mudfest is based on the same format that's been used in the States for many years and continues to draw large numbers of spectators and entrants to each event with many vehicle owners modifying their vehicles just for this type of offroad meeting. It is suitable for any 4WD vehicle from serious off roaders to the family SUV.

    Vehicles will be let loose in our 6 acre paddock so line up and let the fun begin! It is not a competition, it is a fun, relaxed day out. Entrants can pick and choose which activities they want to participate in on the day. Have lunch when you want and go and have a play when you’re ready.

    The idea is not to get stuck but there is a very fine line and everyone is going to cross it no matter what their horsepower is and this is where the challenge is.

    Brief Overview of the day

    • We have 6 acres of flat paddock, very wet & in parts swampy which will ensure some get seriously stuck.
    • Two lanes, each 100m long will be prepared as a Mud Drag Strip
    • The central area, approximately 70% of the paddock, will be set aside for freestyle 4 wheel driving.
    • A Tug of War between vehicles.
    • Tug of war, people vs people with a mud bog in between, great to watch, not fun if you lose.
    • Mud Slide for Kids (or adults)
    • The public area is huge and can easily accommodate 1000s of people, the site is elevated giving an excellent view of the events
    • Activities run from 9.00am to 4.30pm

    Car Clubs

    We know a lot of competitors are in 4x4 or car clubs. We encourage all clubs to setup a club display, however space is limited and is given on a first in first served basis. Space can't be reserved prior to the event.


    If you'd like to go for a ride in a vehicle, you must first fill out a Passenger Indemnity form and pay a gold coin donation for your wristband. This can be done on the day.


    Make sure you arrive with plenty of time to get through registration and scrutineering. Registration opens at 8am. To speed up the process, have your confirmed entry form and drivers license ready to go when you arrive at Mudfest.

    Safety Check/Requirements

    All vehicles will need to pass a basic scrutineering safety check Scrutinnering opens at 8am. WOF is not required, however all vehicles must be up to wof standard on all safety equipment (Belts, Seats, Brakes, Secure Battery, Scructural integrity etc). If it is unsafe, it won't be running. It is the owners reponsibility to have it up to standard prior to the event, and that your tow points (front and rear) are secure and easily accessible.

    Drivers need a minimum restricted license. It is recommended that all drivers and passengers wear helmets at all times while out in the feild. It is compulsary for children under the age of 15 to wear one. All helmets are allowed, including bike/skate helmets etc.

    Cleanup Bay

    All vehicles are required to go through the cleanup bay upon leaving the event. We aim to have 4 petrol powered waterblasters and 2 highflow pumps, as well as staff assisting you on the day to ensure this is a fast and efficient progress. This will be open for competitors all day.


    We will have a team of diggers on the day to assist with anyone who get stuck. It is the owners responsibility to have adequate and secure towing points, and that the tow rope is secured to their vehicle correctly at all times. Any damage caused to the vehicle while being towed or recovered is the stuck vehicle owners responsibility at all times. At all times, the recovery digger driver will act on your instructions.


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